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How to go from ‘The Great Resignation’ to ‘The Great Recognition’

Rhonda Clark

It is estimated that more than 40 million people left their jobs in 2021 during The Great Resignation for many reasons such as inadequate wages and burnout, especially during the uncertainties of the pandemic. However, a McKinsey study found that some of the top reasons employees actually left their jobs is a lack of belonging, appreciation, and recognition (Forbes, 2022). Since employees spend approximately one-third of their lives at work, finding ways to help improve the quality of life on the job can go a long way when it comes to employee engagement and retention in the workplace. Employers need to get creative in their cultures, especially if employees are scattered between home and the workplace.


Employers aim to create a culture that recognizes and rewards the value that employees (individual and together) add to the company. This isn’t about a single program or strategy, but rather part of the company’s culture and core values. Incorporating employee recognition and appreciation into a company’s culture with intention can help improve employee retention, motivation, and ultimately increased productivity.


● Define your “company why” to create a sense of purpose and meaningful work.

● Establish trust through transparent, consistent, and respectful conversations.

● Develop a strategy to listen and act on worker needs and concerns (surveys are only step 1).

● Create a culture of appreciation and empower your people to connect with one another.

● Invest in employee experience by investing in customer experience.

● Evaluate technology to streamline intentional employee engagement; Lattitude is a great option.

● Encourage peer recognition and appreciation at all levels in the organization.


We bring combined expertise in HR, diversity building, effective communication, mindset management, & culture change. We bridge a number of worlds, from business to the nonprofit sector to higher education. This gives us the perspective to work in any industry to support the creation of an empowered culture.


Are you struggling with the consequences of the Great Resignation? Do you want solutions that can work for your company and strengthen your organization?

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