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Meet Sharon

Chief Mindset & Growth Officer


Where are you from and where do you currently reside?


I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan and now I currently reside in Wexford PA, about 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh.  


What college/university did you attend?


I attended Michigan State University, where I received my undergraduate degree in Business and after several years in Corporate America, I attended The University of Virginia, Dartmouth business school on a scholarship for a corporate MBA equivalent program.


How did you get your start in your career?


I have held executive positions in Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and have worked in both the non -profit and profit sector. 

I had what some may call a “dark night of the soul” 20 years ago and was asked to write about it in bestselling author Jack Canfield’s book - "Mastering the Law of Attraction”. My chapter is called “A Leap of Faith” in which I share about how when I was eight months pregnant with my only child, I felt a calling to start my own business and support people as a mindset mentor and business coach. I replaced my corporate income in three months using a system that was “downloaded" to me through meditation and journaling. I have provided training to many clients, students, organizations, leaders and individuals throughout the world on how to create a more empowered culture and live an empowered life. I have a successful podcast called "The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur" and support clients and podcast members to use an inner and outer system to create and sustain a business that provides flow, fulfillment and yes FUN!


I have created many online programs, like "Living an Empowered Life" and have taught thousands of people my energy management system to better navigate their energy of thoughts, feelings, words and action, so they can more easily attract more of what they want and less of what they don't want.


Do you have any passions/interests outside of work?


I live in Western Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter. I enjoy yoga, meditation, and any material and activities that support personal growth and expanding consciousness. I am also a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Hypnotherapist.


What inspired you to help create TCC?


I love helping people activate the amazing power of their mind and intuition to make changes that support them to live a life of more joy, health, peace and prosperity.  I am excited to be one of the Founders of TCC and to support organizations to create more empowered cultures and in turn empowered lives for all stakeholders.

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