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  1. Transform Your Workplace:

    From Battleground to Blooming Ground

Team Meeting

Is your company
ready to transform your culture &
re-ignite your workforce?

women collaborating

Is your workforce
thriving or surviving?
Find out now.

workers commuting

Is your workforce
"resignation proof"?
Not sure?


The ripple effects of the pandemic
that can affect
your company...

We’re not going to sugar coat it -

The world is more divided then ever, and people are more anxious and more worried than in the past decade. In the last 10 years, there have been more mass shootings in the U.S. than several countries combined. With the recent global pandemic, there is no doubt that tensions are high. It’s inevitable that this tension is taking a toll on everyday life, and often it seems that violence from high tensions can seep into the workplace environment at the company’s cost.


So ... what can you do?


Understand Where You're At
Is Your Current Workplace Culture
Blooming Ground
OR Battle Ground?


What Would Your Employees Say?

Your workplace culture can feel like a Battleground. Where people are just trying to get through each day, stressed not only about what's going on in the world, but also having to worry that one of their coworkers could go over the edge.


Your workplace culture can be a Blooming Ground. It can be a blooming ground where people feel valued, inspired, fulfilled, and wanting to do their best. When they thrive, the company and community thrive with them. The question you must ask is...


Do you know what kind of culture you truly have?

Our Mission
time for a change

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:


When employees feel

valued, respected, and engaged

organizations bloom.


We help to plant the seed.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A world

where employees feel

happy, respected,

valued and safe.

idea experts
Meet Our Team

Our Team

sharon wilson

Sharon Wilson

Chief Mindset &
Growth Officer

cindy lacom

Cindy LaCom

Chief Impact & Inclusion

joy stanek

Joy Stanek
Podcast Producer & Digital Marketing Director

Former TCC Interns

jenna blair

Jenna Blair
Social Media Intern
2020 TCC Intern 

dimera little

Dimera Little
Communications Manager
2021 TCC Intern 


Transformation Talks!

The intention of our podcast is to provide tips, strategies, and inspiration to transform workplaces, communities, & lives!

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